Soap Box Time: A Reviewer’s Manifesto

This is a reviewer’s manifesto:

A reviewer should review a product honestly.

A review is subjective. The world won’t end when a book doesn’t work for the reviewer.

A reviewer is not held to post or like reviews on every site known to man, google and the NSA.

A reviewer who blogs about books shouldn’t set themselves up to be the celebrity of the blogging world. Change subjects. A good example is to start a gossip blog. It worked for Michael K. If you have the asshole gene and lack the wit of Michael K, don’t worry aim for the Perez Hilton style. (Drawing dicks and tits is pretty easy. You’ll find the luck to get on the Z- celebrity list and get punched in the face)

A reviewer knows how to engage with their readers. They don’t spam; they interact. Leave that to useless users of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social sites, who spaminate their friends. (Some good advice: don’t do this. First, you’re friends will get irritated. If it happens again, their eyes glaze over because spam ain’t pretty and they certainly won’t be buying. And if you continue to do it, you will get blocked and lose a friend.)

And finally, a book reviewer should love to review. It’s because they love books. They anticipate release dates of the next Briggs, Andrews, or Singh. When something amazing, fun and sexy happens in a book, they will want to share and discuss about that first kiss which finally happened, and a much beloved character passing.  Or even the end of a series which will be missed. You can’t bottle this, sell it, brand it, or try to profit from it by being the promo guru of the book blogging world.


End of the manifesto:

*Get’s a Jason Momoa lookalike to help me off the soap box stand because I don’t do stairs*

5 thoughts on “Soap Box Time: A Reviewer’s Manifesto”

  1. What made you so mad?
    I am not on twit/face……in fact it baffles me why so many bloggers/authors find it an effective way to communicate.

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