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Today we have Pamela Aares here at The Book Pushers with a guest post answering some frequent questions she gets!
Welcome to The Book Pushers, Pamela. Take it away!

Pamela Aares

Pamela Aares, author of the new series the Heart of the Game including Love Bats Last, Thrown by Love and Fielder’s Choice. Lets start the interview with a very personal question- Your books are considered both sweet and hot– you’ve been compared to both Nora Roberts and Bella Andre. How can that be?

First of all, I want to say that I’m honored to be compared to such writers. Nora is absolutely my go-to author when I need a pick-me up or good company after a tough day and of course Bella is taking the publishing world by storm.

About being called both sweet and hot– I think the reason that readers and reviewers are saying this is because the sensual scenes in my books are unusual and each is distinctly related to the hero and heroine’s journey and discoveries. On arcs of Love on the Line (book four coming on May 22nd, 2014) I’ve received so many comments on the batting cage scene, that it was off the charts yummy that I’m glad I included it in the final manuscript.

The comments that make me happiest from readers are those that tell me that they can enter one of my stories, leave troubles and stresses behind and be transported by the journeys of the heroes and heroines! That means so much!

-What book was most influential in your decision to become a writer yourself?

Back when I was producing films I was in an airport bookstore, looking for a book to while away a four-hour flight delay. Catherine Coulter’s Midsummer Magic literally fell off the shelf onto my feet. I stayed up all night reading it. And I realized that many of the documentary films I’d directed would be great as romances. I was hooked.

-If you could only read one sub-genre for the rest of your life, which genre would you choose and why?

Oh. Not fair! I couldn’t possibly choose between contemporary romance and historicals, as you can see from my website. They both meet me at different levels of soul.

Let us turn the focus back to your writing- what is your favorite part of writing?

I love listening to the voices of my characters. They come alive, sometimes so much so that my husband isn’t sure whom I’m talking about at breakfast, they seem so real (he’s beyond a good sport, by the way, I couldn’t have embarked on a writing career without his enthusiasm and love for my stories). The characters become part of our family while I’m writing a book. And call me crazy, but I love revisions! I have great editors and love the creative give and take and the enriching and deepening of my stories.

-Has writing affected the way you read or the types of books you read?

I had never read much suspense before I started writing. When I judged for the Romance Writer’s of America RITA awards, I was introduced to the work of some excellent suspense writers. That was fun.

I still read loads of natural history– the world of nature fascinates me and I love to bring it alive, like a living breathing character in my books. I’ll never forget when a reader wrote to me after reading Thrown by Love and said that she’d never look at the world or the universe the same (this, after she’d read about Chloe, the heroine’s, take on observing the stars).

Can you tell us about the funniest thing that has happened to you (or one of your characters) on a date?

Fielders Choice Cover LARGE EBOOKIn Fielder’s Choice, Alana and Matt go with some of his All-Star teammates to a carnival. The guys are top of their game baseball players and are paid to aim. He wins a rope toss and tells her to pick out a prize. She picks a life sized stuffed bear and insists he carry it around the carnival for her. He jokes that bear-toting might become his career after baseball 😉

-Finally tell me about your upcoming book.

In FIELDER’S CHOICE, I continue the Heart of the Game series–get ready for All-Star alpha males and the strong women they come to love!

When love’s the game, you can’t play it safe…

            In Fielder’s Choice, All-Star shortstop Matt Darrington has more than a problem. His wife died, and now he’s juggling a too-smart-for-her-britches six-year-old and the grueling pace of professional baseball. Worse, his daughter is mom shopping. When they explore a local ranch, she decides the beautiful, free-spirited tour guide is premium mom material. Matt thinks the sexy guide looks like Grade-A trouble.

Alana Tavonesi loves her cosmopolitan life in Paris. But when she inherits the renowned Tavonesi Olive Ranch, she has to return to California and face obligations she never wanted. Selling the place is her first instinct, but life at the ranch begins to crack her open, exposing the dreams hidden inside her heart.

On a lark she leads a ranch tour, where she meets Matt Darrington. His physical power and a captivating sensual appeal fire her in a way no man ever has, but he has a kid—and being a stepmom is a responsibility Alana will never be ready for. Still…she can’t keep her mind or her hands off him.

When Matt’s daughter goes missing from a kid’s camp at the ranch, Alana organizes the search effort, knowing from experience the areas a bright child would be drawn to explore. As she and Matt work together to search for the little girl, Alana discovers that father and daughter have won her heart. Yet it may be too late for love…

AND on May 22nd, Love on the Line, Book #4 in the Heart of the Game releases— I’m so excited to have the four books out there!  Here’s a sneak peek of Love on the Line:

Hiding her identity was a small price to pay for freedom . . . 

Heiress Cara Barrington fled the opulent world of her rich and famous family to carve out an idyllic existence on the California Coast. In the sleepy town of Albion Bay, she’s embraced the simple way of living she’s always craved. No one knows her identity, and she’s free from the pressures of wealth . . . until her sexy new neighbor threatens the unpretentious world she’s worked so hard to build.

All-Star athlete Ryan Rea enjoys his high-profile status. He’s used to charming his way into the heart and bed of any woman he desires while keeping his own heart secure behind a steel wall. When he meets Cara, she throws him a curveball—she’s unlike any woman he’s ever met, and he has to have her.

Cara’s growing attraction to Ryan endangers her hard-won anonymity, and when she inherits the family business, she must choose between the world she left behind and her new life in the community she’s come to cherish. But facing up to her responsibilities could destroy her freedom and cost her the greatest love she’s ever known.

Love on the Line is available online as of May 22nd as a print or eBook at all of your favorite booksellers. If you’d like to sign up for Pamela’s New Release Newsletter, you can do so here and she’ll let you know of special new release prices and giveaways. 

And today, the good people at SeaStar Press are giving away the first book in the Heart of the Game series, Love Bats Last to someone who comments on this blog post! Ebook requests are open worldwide, print requests must be kept to the US only. Ends May 22nd.

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  1. I think many of the men in our lives end up being bear-toters–it’s an unavoidable fate! 🙂

    Thanks for the contest offer!

  2. @ML:
    You’re most welcome, all of you… I love to hear from readers. If you don’t ‘win’ just email me through my website and I’ll send along an arc of the first book in the series, Love Bats Last. Or if you already have it, let me know which you haven’t read yet. I’m busy working on Sabrina’s story, Book 5– if you read it, I think you’ll find that Kaz and Sabrina’s love story will literally take your breath away. Can’t say too much more as I wouldn’t want to *spoil* it!

    Have great days and stay in touch. And thanks again for touching in today!

  3. @Kai W.: Glad that Matt got your vote! He’s an amazing hero and I look forward to hearing what you think of Alana and Matt’s love story! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  4. Ooh, it’s been a while since I read a sports romance. Time to make a list for summer reading!

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