Release Week Bonanza Giveaway and Grand Tour of The Twelve Kingdoms: Day 1




This week we will be celebrating the release of Jeffe Kennedy’s epic fantasy romance series, THE MARK OF THE TALA which is the first book of the trilogy. Each day for the entire week Jeffe will be introducing a new location from the world of THE TWELVE KINGDOMS. We will be hosting daily giveaways of signed books, amazon vouchers and a grand prize of feathered gold tipped jewelry at the end of the epic giveaway bonanza.


Day 1 – Ordnung


Welcome to the Grand Tour of the highlights of the Twelve Kingdoms! Over the next seven days, I’ll lead you through my favorite places.


Any tour of the Twelve Kingdoms should begin at Castle Ordnung. If only because my father, the High King Uorsin, would not have it any other way. Ordnung is a monument to his greatest achievement – uniting the eleven warring kingdoms. He maintains that peace with an iron fist. Built on the ruins of Castle Columba, Ordnung is a testament to King Uorsin’s near total defeat and ultimate rise to glory. He nearly died in the siege at Columba and, not only survived, but returned in greater glory to dismantle it stone by stone, with Salena of the Tala a powerful force at his side. The shining white towers symbolize the seat of power, the capital city, and the newly formed Kingdom of Mohraya – the twelfth and crowning jewel of them all. Sitting at the foothills of the mountain peaks that form the Wild Lands, Ordnung is a stirring sight. A promise that Uorsin’s peace will be preserved at all costs.


Today’s prize is a  signed paper book for US/Canada entrants or an ebook for International entrants and a $5 Amazon gift card!


To enter leave a comment mentioning your dream vacation spot real or fictional. Must be at least 18 years old or legal age for your area of residence.  Open internationally unless otherwise forbidden by your local law.  You can enter each daily contest but you are eligible to win only one of the daily contest prizes.  All entrants are eligible for the grand prize regardless of winning an earlier daily prize.  Winning or not winning an earlier daily prize will have no impact on your chances of winning the grand prize.   Multiple entries on a single daily contest will result in the entrant being disqualified.  No substitutions or replacements of prizes will be provided.  All contests will close at 5pm EST 1 June.  Winners will be announced 2 June and will have until Midnight EST 3 June to respond to their notification email or replacement winners will be selected.


Good Luck!

19 thoughts on “Release Week Bonanza Giveaway and Grand Tour of The Twelve Kingdoms: Day 1”

  1. (I really like the premise for the series)

    I would really like enough money to spend a couple of months touring medieval castles all over Europe…*sigh*

  2. somewhere with a beach and a sunny spot where I could read 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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