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Release Week Bonanza Giveaway and Grand Tour of The Twelve Kingdoms: Day 2




The second day of our epic giveaway and tour of THE TWELVE KINGDOMS visits Lake Sullivan!


Day 2: Lake Sullivan.

North of Mohraya, in the Kingdom of Carienne, Lake Sullivan is the largest body of freshwater in all the Twelve Kingdoms. Nestled in the green rolling hills bordering the Plains of Branli, Lake Sullivan is the source of the Danu River, which join with the Phoenix River to flow south and nourish the fertile farmlands of Mohraya, Duranor and Avonlidgh. Very deep, the lake appears nearly black in most lights and is far too cold for many fish to thrive there. However, rumors abound of ancient monsters that lurk in the depths. These tales are said to be relics of the days when the three Goddesses walked the earth. Some still swear by them and say that, particularly on chill, misty nights, strange shapes glide through, breaking the mirror-still surface and disappearing again without a ripple.



Today’s giveaway is for a signed paper book for US/Canada entrants or an ebook for International entrants and a $10 Amazon gift card!


To enter leave a comment mentioning your dream vacation spot real or fictional. Must be at least 18 years old or legal age for your area of residence.  Open internationally unless otherwise forbidden by your local law.  You can enter each daily contest but you are eligible to win only one of the daily contest prizes.  All entrants are eligible for the grand prize regardless of winning an earlier daily prize.  Winning or not winning an earlier daily prize will have no impact on your chances of winning the grand prize.   Multiple entries on a single daily contest will result in the entrant being disqualified.  No substitutions or replacements of prizes will be provided.  All contests will close at 5pm EST 1 June.  Winners will be announced 2 June and will have until Midnight EST 3 June to respond to their notification email or replacement winners will be selected.

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19 replies on “Release Week Bonanza Giveaway and Grand Tour of The Twelve Kingdoms: Day 2”

This sounds good, and Lake Sullivan! Lol she did that for my friend Sullivan McPig, too funny!
I would love to visit New Orleans some day.
International entry, and 18 was a loooong time ago 😉

Lake Sullivan sounds like a great place to visit, so sign me up for a vacation in Carienne 🙂

I have fond memories of Los Roques in Venezuela and of Cancun in Mexico, but I can’t say I have a “favorite” vacation spot…

I wouldn’t say no to a nice vacation in the Pacific Northwest, though.

I have a hankering to go to Hawaii- would love to go see the volcanoes and all the beautiful islands!

I’d love to visit Lovett, Texas from Rachel Gibson series of books about that town.

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