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Violet is a woman on a mission to get her life in order. Or she was supposed to be. Sleeping with her smokin’ hot new boss, however, definitely counts as a mistake. One she has no intention of repeating. Bar owner Alex has finally got his libido back following a crushing divorce. No way is he letting the curvaceous object of his lustful affections get away. They can have a relationship without it spilling over into the workplace. Of course they can. Because he most certainly won’t be putting his hands on her in the back office, and getting busy in the storage room is definitely out… Violet may be reluctant to repeat the past-but she’s not the only one on a mission.

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Alex is dealing with the aftermath of his divorce after discovering his ex wife had been cheating on him, but after a hot one night stand with a woman, his libido and feelings have come back to life. However there is one problem, he is unable to remember who he spent the night but the mysterious woman has left a little sexy memento of her forgotten bra. Things get even more complicated when the mystery lady turns out to be his new employee, Violet. In turn, Violet is nervous with messing up her new job by sleeping with one of the bosses at the family’s bar and restaurant and is afraid she has managed to get herself fired a few days after starting. But, Violet is relieved when she realises that Alex is having difficulties in remembering her although she is disconcerted with the fact he doesn’t recall their hot interlude and even more when she comes across the bra flow-chart…

It is not long that Alex soon realises that it is Violet whom he shared that hot night and although he wants to continue where they left off, she becomes wary despite their attraction and growing feelings and backs off. Yet, this doesn’t stop Alex from pursuing her along with some help from his brothers who like to lock him up in the basement with Violet to help persuade her into changing her mind.

I loved Alex and his brothers, John and Duncan who help run and manage the family bar and restaurant. They were hilarious with their interactions especially when they were griping and fighting with each other and it made me laugh out several times with their antics. I also enjoyed the scenes when Duncan and John also help out Alex in tracking down and wooing Violet. I was in fits of laughter when a bra flow-chart was used to hunt down who Alex spent the night with.

The love scenes were steamy and intense and there was this fabulous masturbation scene which Violet describes the events of that lost night to help Alex remember relive the memories. I have to say was amazingly sensual and delicious. I also think it was one of the best masturabtions scenes I’ve ever read! The writing was also tightly written and filled with what I think has become Kylie Scott’s trademark humour and this particular quote had me giggling.

“Hi Alex,” She said without turning. The visual stimulus wasn’t required. Nor was him catching sight of her suddenly all-too-obvious straining nipples, stupid, perky pricks.

I did wish, once again, like a lot of novellas that the story was longer. I wanted to see more of the brothers interaction with each other as well more development with the romance because it was so enjoyable. I also think it would have helped with the conflict of the story which was due to Violet’s fears and reluctance to embark on a relationship with Alex. I think was too easily resolved but I really hope there is more to come with these characters and I would love to see stories featuring Duncan, the joker and the brains behind the bra flow-chart and John the grumpy brother who loves his truffles and wine.

Kylie Scott is a fabulous writer with a real gift of combining humour, sexyness and a fantastic cast of characters which are colourful and vibrant and brimming with chemistry and humour. HEART’S A MESS ticks all the boxes for a spicy and fun short read. The romance between Violet and Alex is sensual and intense and it was a great novella to spend a rainy afternoon which thoroughly entertained me!

I give HEART’S A MESS a B-

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