Recent DNF Books

I’m the lone shark in the recent DNF books for this batch, or should I say singular?

Ruin Me by Jamie Brenner. If there’s description for Ruin Me it’s called soap opera crack. I can’t think of any other description to describe this book. I managed to get halfway but the romance and descriptions of sexy times between Rory and Lulu were very stilted and there was no real emotion between the characters. Also, a strange man tried to rape Lula, and instead of waiting and calling the police on him, Rory roughed him up and that’s it? No calling the police in case he raped another girl? It was a horrible, horrible scene that served no purpose other than to show Rory to be the knight in shining armour. There’s no emotional development in a lot of characters. They’re quite shallow, and Lulu is the only likeable character. The scheming Inez seducing Lulu’s mother felt like it was straight out of some cracky soap opera, and not even the crack could sustain me.

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