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Review: Asking For More by Lilah Pace

How far is too far? Finally sure of each other’s strength and love, Jonah and Vivienne continue to explore their darkest fantasies together. However, what should be a night of ecstasy takes a dangerous turn, injuring Vivienne. She shrugs off the incident, but Jonah is haunted by it, particularly by the fear that others may […]

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Review: Seven Nights to Surrender (Art of Passion #1) by Jeanette Grey

Reviewed by Marlene I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book. I picked it up because I love Jeanette Grey’s writing. I was first introduced to her through her science fiction romances, but I have also really liked her new adult romances. As in liked to the point where her Take What You […]

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Joint Review: Everything Left Unsaid by Molly O’Keefe

Lou: I’m a late bloomer when it comes to Molly O’Keefe’s books. I’ve heard and read so many great things about her writing but sometimes I arrive very late to the party. Everything I Left Unsaid is probably one of my favourite reads of this year. The setting was a little stark in tone but […]

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Joint Review: The Game Plan by Kristen Callihan

Lou: I adore the Game On series. I super adore to the point where I gush awesome about the books after the very last page and I think about the stories for days afterwards. The Game Plan is no different. While Gray and Ivy’s book still remains my favourite of the series so far, I’m […]

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Interview (there be glorious beard talk) with Kristen Callihan

Kristen Callihan’s The Game Plan has been released into the wild! I just finished glomming it and HOLY MOLY was it funfuckingtastic. Her third released in the Game On series, Callihan once again has knocked my socks off with her amazing writing and her talent for creating wonderful characters that you can’t help but fall […]

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Review: Focus on Me by Megan Erickson

Focus on Me was an unexpected read. Unexpected and welcoming in the direction it took. I commend Megan Erickson for making it central to the storyline. Mental illness can be a combination of many things and what was great is that Riley’s issues aren’t magically wished away or cured by the end of the book. […]