Review – Kiss Yesterday Goodbye by Cassidy Ryan

Review: Kiss Yesterday Goodbye by Cassidy Ryan

Publisher: Totally Bound
Where did you get this book: E-Arc from Publisher
Release Date: Out now

22913797For their future, he must let go of his past.

“Aidan has a huge crush on Jon, but not only is Jon his boss, albeit temporarily, he is also recovering from a bad break-up. On his final day at Jon’s publishing company, Aidan finds the courage to make his move. It results in what should be a solitary evening of mind-blowing sex before they go back to their own lives. But when a confrontation with his landlord leaves Aidan bruised, bleeding and homeless, Jon and his friends come to his aid.Jon is smitten by Aidan, and utterly terrified. His last relationship has left him with some pretty deep emotional scars and he has no wish to get back in the game. But the more time he spends with Aidan, the less time he wants to give to the past.However, Aidan has something in common with Jon’s ex that could spoil any chance they have of making a life together.”

Aidan Shaw is a temp working for Jonathan Ballard’s publishing company. The men are attracted to each other but Jon is reluctant to pursue anything with Aidan because of how his last relationship ended. Aidan holds back any attempts to pursue the man he’s been attracted to since he was first hired until his last day when he confronts Jon, who finally agrees after a weak moment to one night only affair.

The men head to Aidan’s rental and share an explosive night of sex after which Jon leaves knowing he should stay. After he leaves Aidan’s homophobic landlord confuses him with a rent boy, kicks him out of his apartment, beating him up and leaving him injured and unconscious. Authorities contact Jon’s business partner, Dan, who was Aidan’s direct supervisor and the men come into contact once again.

This had the makings of interesting story. I liked the side characters of Dan and Lorenzo and have to wonder if they had their own book. I also liked the main characters but for me the length of this one caused their story to suffer. It felt rushed especially near the end with all the reveals and the introduction of Jon’s villainous ex-lover. The chemistry did really work for me though despite the issues I had with pacing and the rather jumbled story line. A decent read but not one of my favourites from this author, I’m giving it a C+

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