Mini review: Frozen by Meljean Brook

Publisher: Self-published
Where did you get the book: Purchased
Release date: Out now

For a year and a half, Olivia Martin has tried to forget Erik Gulbrandr, the glacial man who’d scorched her mouth with a single kiss. But when Olivia finds herself snowbound with Erik on the winter solstice, she discovers that the man who set her body aflame is cursed by abominable needs — and a desire that might destroy them both…

*blurb taken from Goodreads*


I’m such a late-bloomer when it comes to Meljean’s books. Her Iron Seas series is waiting to be read on my Kindle and I must make headway on them because Frozen was pretty effing awesomesauce. Erik is a frost-giant with a curse that makes him horny as hell with a massive raging peen that is full of scary rawr for the heroine, Olivia. It’s a rawr monster peen. Rawr. One that scares and tempts Olivia. Olivia and Erik have history and Brook manages to pack a whopper of a sexy romance novella into a dark tale that ends on a HEA. Erik is tortured by his curse and does all that he can to stay away from Olivia because he’s terrified of losing control and hurting her. Meljean never once crossed that line into seduced seduction. Consent and choice is always at the forefront of Olivia and Erik’s situation. It was an engaging read and features a darkly sexy romance (AND HUGE MONSTER PEEN. RAWR) that was just perfect for novella length.

I give Frozen a peenalicious A.

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