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My new alien friend has claimed me for his own. Which is good, because he’s feeding me and making sure I don’t turn into a human-shaped popsicle…

…and bad, because I need to rescue my friends and he seems happy to carry me off to his love nest. So now I have to pick: survival or rescue? Problem is, this big, sexy, and possessive alien male has ideas of his own…

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In the second episode of ICE PLANET BARBARIANS, Georgie has found herself in the safe and protective hands of Vetek. Georgie is driven to save the rest of the women who were taken captive. They’re left without any water, food and warm clothes in the crash landed cargo bay up in the mountains.

However, there are miscommunication issues between them and there’s no handy Star Trek universal translator to help cross the language barrier. This leads to some hilarious and laugh-out-scenes, especially one that had Vetek feeding her raw meat which grosses her out. But this left me chuckling out loud because I loved how Ruby Dixon illustrates their translating problems but leaves the reader understanding what they’re trying to convey. It really adds to the comedic overtones. I especially loved this scene in Vetek’s point of view:


Shorshie stares at the kill blankly. Then she points at it. “Yewspectmitetweet thet?”

Is she not familiar with this food? She ate the meal bar easily enough. I pull the heart out and hold it to her lips. “Here. Taste.”

She nearly falls off the rock in her haste to move backward. “Ohmigodfckno!” A moment later, she points at the dripping delicacy between my fingers. “Fckincookthtshit!


I really adored Vetek. Yes he may sport ridges, horns and a tail, but he is undeniably sweet and protective towards Georgie. I loved how patient he was towards her and he also gave her space. But even though Georgie is unaware of his intentions and feelings for her, Vetek firmly claims her as his mate as his khui resonates strongly within him when Georgie is near him. I hope we get to learn more about this mysterious Khui, which sounds intriguing and I have a funny feeling when Georgie finds out it will have hilarious results that she is mated to an alien barbarian.

 Georgie also continues to shine, I love how she relies on her wit and humour to help ground herself in this alien world. I also liked that she was determined to rescue the women trapped in the mountain, which has left me totally hooked to see if they have survived.

 Overall, this second installment is even better than the first episode. I am highly entertained and captivated with this quirky romance which is brimming with humour and sexy tension. I can’t wait to get sucked into the third part!


I give Ice Planet Barbarians a B+!


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