Group Review – Dragos Goes to Washington by Thea Harrison

Lou: Thea Harrison has the knack for writing novellas. I knew without a doubt that I would enjoy this instalment in a new mini-story arc, which hints at new and changing politics in the Elder world and human world. I loved returning again to Pia and Dragos and I’m super excited about where the story arc is taking these two. Despite only being together for two years, Pia and Dragos are a solid family unit with the adorable and fast growing Liam, who has to keep changing schools because of his accelerated growth. This novella not only packs in some hot smexing but there is suspense and politics involved with the human population growing wary against the vast power and violence the Elder races hold, especially after the story events in the last book. There’s also something wrong with Pia which remains a mystery until the end of the novella. I don’t what to say what because spoilers but it was awesomesauce and made me fall in love again with this couple.

I adored this novella and I cannot wait until the second instalment. I give Dragos Goes to Washington an A.

E: Harrison has been on my auto-buy list ever since I first discovered her. She is one of the writers with a knack for writing lengthy novels and delivering a complete story in a novella format. I might have on occasion needed an Elder Races fix and just reread her novellas. So it was with great anticipation I picked this up because Harrison was returning to the characters who got me started on this reading adventure. As much as I enjoyed the Pia, Dragos, and Liam interaction along with seeing some other favorites, I felt like something was missing. Harrison delivered on some suspense, some controversy, some romance, and some heat and I liked the story but when I finished reading I kept looking for more. After contemplating I realized this seemed more like a chapter instead of a complete story. I have high hopes that reading all three short stories together will give me the same same satisfaction I expect from Harrison.
I give Dragos Goes to Washington a B.

Has: I agree with Lou! Pia and Dragos are one of my all time favourite couples, and I am so glad that Thea Harrison continues to write about their exploits and adventures. I thought this was a fantastic entry to the series, and even though it was short, I really enjoyed the sweet moments between Dragos and Pia. They still sizzled with wonderful chemistry, and I adored their banter and tender scenes. I also liked the subplot with the setting in the Washington DC political scenes, with Pia and Dragos dealing with simmering tensions between the humans and Elder Races.While I would have liked a longer story featuring Pia and Dragos, I loved the tantalizing set up for new story threads which I suspect will present a few surprises or two in the future.

Overall, this was a fast and immensely enjoyable read that sets up several story arcs that develops Pia and Dragos’ romance as well as political tensions that comes to the fore between the Elder Races and the humans.

I give Dragos Goes to Washington an A-

MinnChica: I adore the Elder Races series, and Dragos and Pia will always have a special place in my heart. THey are the couple that made me fall in love with the series and Harrison as an author, and getting special glimpses into their world makes me so happy! I love the fact that the two of them still have this off-the-charts chemistry, despite everything they’ve been through. Their lives have been through hell and back, and they still can’t keep their hands to themselves. I love that about them. Harrison did an amazing job setting up this series of novellas to tell an overall story, and I am so anxious for more! I can’t wait to find out what happens to our favorite Wyr family as the novella series progresses.

I give Dragos Goes to Washington a B+

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  1. I keep hoping for the novella’s to be bundled in a paper book, so I can buy and read it 🙂 I do love her full lenght novels though!

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