Group Review: Pia Does Hollywood by Thea Harrison

Group review of the first novella in this story arc here

Lou: Pia Does Hollywood is the second installment in this story arc featuring the Cuelebre family. It follows on from events from Dragos Goes to Washington, where more is revealed about the reason for Pia’s illness from the first book (spoilers, spoilers *grins*) which left me oohing and ahhing and thinking how fucking epic. Seriously. Epicness will be abound. Dragos travels in secret with Pia to visit Tatiana but zombie’s galore greets them and things get tense when Dragos becomes involved and his life is in danger. I really love the novella’s Thea Harrison creates because she manages to pack in enough romance, action, and character depth to keep the balance on an even keel. And Pia Does Hollywood really had everything going for it in terms of romance and action. There’s a constant moving story and things are going to seriously change in both for the Cuelebre family but also for the Elder world where a new power has emerged with new characters, especially a sorcerer who I cannot figure out is evil or just an upcoming badass hero who may have a redemption storyline.

Dragos and Pia are probably the best characters to come out of this series and I can’t get enough of them. I’m so excited for their next journey.

I give Pia Does Hollywood an A

Has: I completely adore the Cuelebre family. There is something really magical and sexy about Pia and Dragos and I could never get tired of their adventures and the ongoing romance that hasn’t diminished the passion between them. While I read the first novella of this arc, it led me on a rereading binge of their story, which just made me fall more in love with this couple.

Pia Does Hollywood continues some of the story arcs that Thea Harrison sets up which leads to more changes and disruption for Pia and Dragos. I especially loved the scene when they learn more about their new life changes because it promises to lead to more fantastic story arcs in the future.

I also liked learning more about Tatiana and her past which becomes the focus of the main mystery and action of the novella. I was also intrigued with the new mysterious sorcerer because like Lou I also couldn’t figure out whether he was good or evil, and I really hope he appears again in future books. Pia Does Hollywood is a fast paced entry in this trilogy of stories that sets up big threads in the future that leaves me hankering for more.

I give Pia Does Hollywood a B

MinnChica: I’m really enjoying these novellas about Dragos, Pia, and Liam. I love the first family of the Wyr, and I can’t get enough of Dragos and Pia’s romance. I liked that this story felt really cohesive and stand alone, whereas some of Harrison’s other novellas haven’t given me that total and absolute feeling of the story being wrapped up and completed.

I loved the storyline with Tatiana, and getting to know more about her. It was such a fun twist and a great thing to explore. I loved it so much! I also am curious about the mysterious man we got to meet briefly in this novella. I kinda hope he comes back for more in future books!! I would love to see where that thread goes in the overall development of the series.

All in all, Harrison has yet another fabulous book on her hands here, and the Elder Races series continues to impress me at every turn. I can’t wait for more!
I give Pia Does Hollywood an A-

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