Review – Bound by Darkness by Lara Adrian

Reviewer: MinnChica

I am so horribly behind on writing my reviews because I recently moved, so please excuse the tardiness of this post!! 🙂

I am a big fan of the Midnight Breed series, and when Adrian wrapped up the first story arc, I was so sad to say goodbye to the series regulars and the original storyline. I have to admit though, this new arc is one that I am really digging, and my biggest beef with this book is that it didn’t seem to move the overall series arc along as much as I would have liked. 🙂

Carys is in love with Rune, and although her family doesn’t approve of him, she knows that he’s the one for her. Even despite the secrets he keeps about his past, Carys cares more about the man he is when he is with her, and she is head over heels. When his past comes back to bite them in the ass, Carys is given the chance to prove how strong of a warrior and lover she can be.

I think Adrian does a wonderful job writing strong heroines. Carys isn’t just strong in terms of physical strength, she is also emotionally strong. She is a stabilizing force for Rune, a pillar for her friends, and a strong support within her own family. She is dedicated to everyone around her, and she does everything with 110% emotion and love. I adored that about her. Carys is the type of heroine that I’d love to be friends with, because she is just the total and complete package.

Like Carys, I thought Rune was pretty all around amazing too. He had some really dark secrets in his past, but because of the fact that he was being held separate from the Breed and their secrets, he wasn’t given the chance to relay the information he had as a way to assist them with their mission. But, even though Rune was in his own little world, he was still dedicated to all the things that the Breed stand for: honor and justice and peace. He was a warrior in his own right, and I loved that about him.

The romance between these two was pretty straight forward. There was no drama, no angst. They knew they were smitten with each other at the start of the book, and their dedication to their relationship didn’t waver much as the story progressed. Their biggest challenge lay in the external factors that kept hitting at them from every angle, namely her family and his past.

All in all, I thought Bound by Darkness was a wonderful low-key romance that proved that stories about couples that are already devoted to one another can really work, and work well. I loved the fact that these two were solid the whole way through. But, like I said earlier, I was a bit disappointed that the series arc didn’t progresses much during this book.
I give Bound by Darkness a B

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