Cat staring at camera with Ever After box and contents in the background

Review – the Ever After box

Reviewed by E

FTC Disclosure: I received the February 2016 box free from the Ever After box for the purposes of this review.
Disclaimer: I participated in a focus group study on the Ever After box concept in July of 2015.

Ever After box with orange tabby
The Ever After box (bonus cat not included)
Monthly subscriptions are a thing, not exactly a new thing but they have been gaining popularity in recent years. I remember when you could sign up and receive 4 or 6 romances a month from the publisher and I knew people who eagerly awaited their book shipments. But then my awareness of monthly subscriptions seemed to fade. When I started hearing about subscription boxes again they sounded really neat but I didn’t fit in the targeted markets. Then I heard about a group of authors interested in starting up a Romance Box Subscription service and I started to pay closer attention. I really liked the concept as it was explained to me during the focus group study: themed monthly box, capability to gift subscriptions, print book(s), exploring the option of digital books, and some additional items included to enhance the theme. So I was really excited to receive an email offering a chance to review one of their boxes.

Cat sniffing box card
Cat investigating
The box arrived and I had a lot of fun opening it to discover all of the goodies. The box contents remain secret on the website until a few days after they have been shipped so it really is like receiving a surprise gift. I was very pleased to see all of the items included. The theme was Sweet Tooth, rather fitting for February. Inside the box the first think I pulled out was a card with all the box contents pictured on one side and a giveaway on the other. Then as I continued to empty the box I found a print book with book marker rescued from the Cat (not included), a cookie recipe with associated cookie cutter inspired by the print book, discounts on other titles by the same author and a note, a free download code from a different author, a bath bomb, a candle, crayons and color your own sweethearts box, and a set of cupcake tarot cards.

Cat sniffing the box contents
Look at the goodies (bonus cat not included)
I really liked the variety of different items and how they worked together with the theme. I am looking forward to having some dedicated me time to relax and start to enjoy the box without the help of the Cat (not included). I could see these boxes as a reason to set aside “me” time, to explore new romance subgenres and authors, or even as a way to introduce romance to someone. I am already considering names of those I might gift a single box or a limited time subscription, and considering giving myself a monthly treat.

Cat sniffing other contents
Cat approves of the recipe
I found the Ever After box website easy to navigate and very clear. I liked how the website appeared uncluttered and how easy it was for me to find information. The website worked in my browser and on my mobile device which I found very convenient. In addition to information about boxes, service, and pricing on the home page the website includes a Gift Shop, FAQ, About Us, Contact Us, Past Boxes, and My Account. In addition there is also a section for authors or others who are interested in participating in an upcoming box. The price point for the Ever After box is higher then some other popular subscription boxes so I got curious and started looking up prices. When I saw the price for two items, considered postage, and then looked at everything else included, from a straight monetary amount the Ever After box is cheaper then buying each item separately if you could find a source.

Cat staring at camera with Ever After box and contents in the background
Cat apparently wants his own box of goodies.

Basic Details: the Ever After box website

Subscription Cost: $29.99 per box. Three month subscription saves $1 per box. 6 month subscription saves $2 per box. Each subscription automatically renews.

Additional Products: 3 Month Intro Package $89.99 does not renew. 3 month gift card $89.99 does not renew, recipient redeems for the 3 Month Intro Package. Previous month’s extra boxes $29.99 each while supplies last, does not renew.

Shipping: Currently US Only – looking into expanding

March’s Theme: Small Town, USA

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