Review: At the Edge by Laura Griffin

I’m on a big mystery romance kick at the moment, so I’m like a kid in a sweet shop who after years of going sugar-free is now overwhelmed with the choices available! After glomming the Cormoran Strike series (not a romance series!) it really jump-started my interest and enjoyment again for the mystery genre. After I read this blurb in the review request, I was like, ‘GIMMIE.’

At the Edge is the first part of the story (can’t quite understand why it’s split into two parts) and it has a action-packed beginning that had me hooked from the start. Emma is the personal assistant to an Ambassador’s wife and a daughter of a congressman. Emma, with the ambassador’s wife, is on a medical charity mission when the plane they’re travelling on crashes into a jungle, leaving Emma scared, hurt and alone. Emma’s fears take hold and things become even more scary when more danger arrives in the form of a bullet hole. Can’t reveal more because spoilers!

Ryan is an elite member of a secret SEAL unit, ALPHA, and they’ve been tasked to go in and extract any survivors of the plane crash as the political climate is rife with danger and potential terrorists. Ryan finds Emma and the sexual attraction between the two of them is instant. I loved the tension with Ryan trying his best and failing to stay disconnected from Emma. Their close proximity and the hyper-awareness of each other builds and builds. Yes–I did have to push my ‘this seems a little fast’ button to the back of my mind because I was enjoying Emma and Ryan too much.

When they finally get off the island weeks later they’re reunited and the attraction between them hasn’t waned whatsoever. Emma goes to Ryan because a cover-up is happening. Emma is poking and prodding into places that someone doesn’t want her to and as a result she’s back in danger. Ryan realises something is off with Emma and once again comes to her rescue. The sexy times between Ryan and Emma was really sexy, though I was also a little frustrated as Emma was with Ryan, as he kept holding back. I did wonder if Ryan would potentially put his super secret career at risk by getting involved with Emma, despite being warned off, or because he’s a super secret sexy SEAL nothing would come of it? That will probably be found out in part two!

Ryan and Emma’s romance does happen in a fast time-frame, and before I knew it the first part was over. It ends on a big cliffhanger, which might (most likely) frustrate readers. The tension between Ryan and Emma is sultry and delicious. What can I say? I’m a total sucker for a smexy protective alpha hero and a stubborn heroine who doesn’t back down!

I give At the Edge a B

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