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I have two pieces of good news for you. First the great folks behind The Ever After Box liked my bonus cat (not included) so much I have received a note saying I can claim a March box. The second piece of good news is that since March is my birthday month I am going to gift this box to one lucky respondent.

Cat staring at camera with Ever After box and contents in the background
Cat (not included) wants his own box of goodies.

The theme this month is Small Town, USA and since the majority of the contemporary romances I read are set in small towns it was a struggle to decide to gift this box. I also happened to hear that the fabulous @elisabethjlane of Cooking Up Romance might be hard at work creating another recipe to go in the March box. Speaking from personal experience – if she makes it, you want to eat it.

Giveaway will be closed Sunday March 13th and the winner announced on Monday March 14th, also known as Pie Day. To enter leave a comment either talking about why you enjoy reading Small Town romances or why want to try a Small Town romance if you haven’t read one yet.

Good luck!

By E_booklover

E is addicted to books. She discovered at an early age that not only were they her transport to far off worlds, adventures, and exotic cultures, but that she ran into far fewer objects if she walked while reading then if she wasn't reading. She reads across several genres, such as: romance, western,mystery, SF/F and its derivatives. She isn't too picky except for good characterization, settings she can imagine, and a story that flows logically... umm so ok -- she wants a good story. Have any to recommend?

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I love reading small town romances because there’s such a strong feeling of community and everyone knows everyone else’s business which makes it fun!

I live in a small(ish) town! Because of this, I do enjoy reading “small town” romances. I can usually can empathize with the good (everyone knows you) and bad (everyone knows you…lol). Btw, March is my birthday month too! I’ll be celebrating on the 22nd ?.

I, too, live in a small town, and have enjoyed reading many series featuring small towns. I’ve also been both curious and apprehensive about committing to a literary subscription box. Thanks for the chance!

Love small town romances. I grew up in a small town. We had 2 stoplights. The Friday night date consisted of driving up and down the main street and waving at everyone. If I did something wrong, my mom knew about it BEFORE I got home!! But it was such a warm cozy place. Everyone was a well known friend. Had a wonderful time growing up there.

I like small time romance because everyone knows everyone and there is a comfort in that 🙂

Small town romances are a lot of fun to read. Nowhere for the characters to hide.

I love small town romances for the sense of community/friendship they created. Living in a capital city in Europe, small towns in US are something I know only from fiction/movies and they are happy place for me.
Btw, is the giveaway open internationally?

I like small town romances because they have such a great community feel and almost always have an awesome cast of quirky supporting characters — some of whom get their own stories.

I love small town romances. I live in a small town and so it makes me feel at home. I also like that everyone’s knows all about each other and they have each others back when needed. Thanks for the chance to win

I have not read many small town romances but I am looking to read new genres so I will start.

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