Review – Drive by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Reviewer: MinnChica

I’m always down for a good sexy suspense story, so when I came across this book from Roberts, I was anxious to give her a try.

I’m a little reluctant to read stories about cheating spouses, whether the spouse is dead or not, because it’s a trope I’m not comfortable reading. I have to say though, I really liked the way it all played out in this book. I can’t really reveal any details without giving away huge spoilers, but I really enjoyed the way this book concluded, on all fronts.

Suzanne wants to move on with her life, and selling off her husband’s prized car collection is the start of that new life for her. Having a younger, sexy man show up unexpectedly and show interest in the car makes her weak in the knees. I loved the way Suzanne was eager to get her cougar on, and didn’t have too big of a hangup over the fact that she was older than he was. I liked the way their age difference didn’t play a huge factor in the drama between them.

One aspect that can sometimes make me roll my eye in kinky books is when the hero and heroine are book secretly part of the BDSM community, but somehow find true love in the aisle at the grocery store. It just seems so fake and obviously set up. I was starting to wonder if that would really annoy me about these two, but then loved the way we found out that there were outside forces bringing these two together because of their kinks and desires. I laughed out loud a few places, and really liked the extra layer that all added to the story.

The suspense of this book was really well done, and while parts of it had me thinking “yeah right….” I found that subplot to be enjoyable–with a little suspension of belief. I liked the fact that Neil was able to take charge and make sure that he was able to keep himself and Suzanne safe, all while still working within the parameters of his job and his skill set. So many times in suspense stories, the hero somehow gains all these extra espionage skills he didn’t have before, and I liked that Neil didn’t have that same kind of miraculous knowledge.

The sexy between Suanne and Neil was super hot, and although I wanted them to explore a bit more of their kink on the pages, I liked that the balance between suspense and sex. It was well done, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

All in all, I think this was a great first book in a sexy new series from Roberts. I enjoyed the hero and heroine equally and can only hope that we get to explore their relationship even more in future books.
I give Drive a B-

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