Review – Unexpected Rush by Jaci Burton

Reviewer: MinnChica

The Burton Play-by-Play series is an automatic for me. I love Burton’s writing style, add in the fact that I’m a tiny bit obsessed with sports romances, and this is a match made in book heaven.

I happen to love the best friend’s brother/sister trope, and this book was such a great addition to the already vast collection of books I have. Barrett isn’t expecting to fall for his best friend’s little sister, but Harmony is everything he’s ever wanted. She’s sexy, smart, family oriented, and so much more.

While Barrett is reluctant to date Harmony in the beginning, he eventually caves and realizes that he can’t seem to deny the chemistry and attraction between them. But her brother is a big roadblock, and one that he doesn’t know how to handle. So, when he and Harmony begin dating, he asks that they keep their relationship a secret. Harmony isn’t excited about being Barrett’s little secret, but she wants a relationship with him badly enough to overlook the fact that he is keeping them on the downlow.

I liked the fact that their relationship didn’t have a lot of angst, other than being kept a secret from Harmony’s brother. They knew going into their relationship that it couldn’t just be a fling, given how entrenched Barrett was with her family, and I always love when a couple starts a relationship knowing that it can’t just be about sex. That there is more between them, and that making it work is something that is really important to both of them.

One of the things I wasn’t too keen on was the fact that Barrett didn’t grovel just a little bit more at the end. He put Harmony through a lot of stress each and every time he continued to put off the conversation with her brother. It put a strain on their relationship in ways that I don’t think Barrett truly got, and I would have liked to see him do a little more in the groveling department. But, that being said, I still adored this book.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book. Between the adorable heroine that I loved from the first page, to the sexy hero who realized just how fulfilling a meaningful relationship can be, I loved these two. Add in their fun and sexy relationship and I thought this was a great read.
I give Unexpected Rush a B

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