Review: Dirty by Kylie Scott

At the Bookpushers we’re big fans of Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series (Mal <3), and I was super excited to see Scott writing a spin-off series in Dive Bar. Kylie Scott writes fun and addictive books, with engaging characters that jump out of the pages with their personalities. Dive is no exception, and it starts with an awesome beginning, with Lydia running away from her wedding and breaking and entering into Vaughan’s house and hiding in his shower.

Dive is a fun romance and I really enjoyed Lydia, who steps into Vaughn’s life and Dive Bar and meets its unpredictable and drama-filled inhabitants, especially Vaughan’s sister, Nell, who has problems of her own. Lydia immediately hits it off with Vaughn and their sexual attraction is lush, full of laughter and full of sexy times. A friendship brews before they get their sexy time on, and even though the timeline is short, it works for me.

Vaughan’s whole life has been about making it in the music business but he arrives back home after his band breaks up and he’s broke. He’s living in his family home, which causes him pain because he still hasn’t grieved properly from the death of his parents. Lydia helps Vaughan and he helps her cope with her coming to terms with choosing a man who used her. While Lydia isn’t planning on making roots in Vaughan’s hometown, she finds herself making friends and becoming involved in Dive Bar, and oh boy is there lots of drama that has me looking forward to the future books, especially Nell and her shock announcement.

Dive has classic Kylie Scott humour that makes me laugh out loud. It also touches on vulnerabilities, and Lydia has some of her own about her body weight. Vaughan was sexy and humorous and rawr! It takes him a while to realise what he really wants in life, and even though I found the ending somewhat rushed, it left me with a big smile. And Dive has lots of sexy heroes waiting for their stories and I can’t wait to meet their heroines. And Nell! I cannot wait to see how Kylie writes her story.

All in all this was a fun and sexy read and as always Kylie Scott delivers! B+

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