Review: Make Me Say It (Make Me) by Beth Kery

Lou: Make Me Forget is the third instalment of the Make Me serial, and things are progressing slowly for Jacob and Harper, with Jacob revealing and trusting Harper with his need and enjoyment of BDSM in the bedroom. Harper doesn’t know whether she can trust Jacob not to hurt her, especially as he distanced himself in part two, which ties into Harper not recognising him. But Jacob apologies for his abrupt withdrawl, though Harper is still wary. Harper and Jacob grow closer again and Harper is introduced to the dominant and kinky side of Jacob that leaves him aching for Harper more and more. I love the characters Beth Kery creates and she never disappoints in creating so much heat between her lovers on the page.

The flashback to Harper and Jacob’s childhood also progresses and while nothing much happens, there is a possibility given on why Harper doesn’t recognise Jacob and I’m sure Jacob is going to dig there deeper in future installments.

All in all this was another enjoyable installment. While light on plot, the sex scene more than made up for it. B+

Has: In this third installment in the Make Me serial, things deepen between the characters in a lot of ways, from their relationship which is entering into a more intense stage sexually, with Jacob introducing elements that excite Harper, who is drawn further into him despite her reservations. I have to say the bondage scene was smoking hot and intense.

The flashbacks into their shared past also slowly illustrate more information, which helps to set up the mystery about the reason why Harper has no memory of their history, which gives an inkling that further revelations will be explosive for them both. I really enjoyed how Beth Kery intertwines both timelines which uncovers their past as well as their ongoing relationship, which has stepped up a notch with sexual tension and deepening feelings. I liked the new insights we learn about Jacob as a character which adds to the story and romance. And I was also really surprised with the twist on why Harper was not able to remember her history and it will be interesting to see how the next twists and turns will affect their relationship as well learning on how Harper and Jacob managed to escape the predicament they faced as children.

Overall, the romance and the plot was filled with more heightened tension that has left me wanting more to see what happen next in the next entry to the serial.
I give Make Me Forget a B!

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