Review: Make Me Forever (Make Me) by Beth Kery

Includes some spoilers from part seven and part eight.

It has finally arrived! The conclusion of Jacob and Harper’s story, in which their past and present lives collide together into one big emotional end that left me happy and sad for them both. So at the end of part seven, Harper, thanks to her colleague reporter, she found out the true origins of where Jacob lived in his childhood and it finally clicks that he’s Jake. I was like, freaking finally! I did enjoy Make Me Forever as all is revealed, but it seemed a little underwhelming in parts, like the situation with Regina and the misunderstanding, which felt a little too cliché for my liking. But I loved the emotional reunion and was cheering Harper on when she vented her pure rage at Jacob for keeping it from her, and from taking Jake away from her like her parents did. It was quite romantic and very heart-warming when Harper and Jake reunite and my heart hurt a lot when he showed Harper the letters he sent as a child. What a way to mess with my emotions Kery (obviously in a good way). Jacob and Harper get their HEA but I really liked another reveal of Jacob that showed his tenaciousness and pure grit to get where he is today.

All in all, Make Me Forever was a satisfying end to a wonderful romance that pulled on my heartstrings with two amazing characters in Harper and Jacob. Make Me has kept me glued and entertained to the pages for many weeks and I cannot wait to see what Beth Kery comes up with next.

I give Make Me Forever a B, but I’m giving the entire serial a well deserved A.

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