Review: Make Me Remember (Make Me) by Beth Kery

Part seven, Make Me Remember, amps up the delicious and anticipatory tension between Harper and Jacob as they’re secluded away together on his yacht. The sex scenes were incredible, with the sultry and balmy atmosphere Kery created. Kery knows how to create atmosphere for maximum impact and not only did she do both for present and past stories with Jacob and Harper, but Kery also is building up to that moment in which Jacob’s past is revealed. Jacob recreates a scene that brings on memories and dreams to Harper. I have noticed one neat thing with Harper–she’s an unreliable narrator when it comes to her knowing (or how much she knows) about Jake. And things take a turn for the worst with Jake’s Uncle in the past story that had me going, omg, what is going to happen (even though you know it’s not going to be good since they’ve been separated since the incident)?

The ending of part seven was explosive and finally the showdown is gonna happen in part eight! So excited and am a little sad this story is soon going to end.

I give Make Me Remember an A

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