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Review: Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing Where did you get the arc: Arc offered by the author Release date: Out now Reviewed by Has A double life with a single purpose: revenge. Jane’s days at a Midwest insurance company are perfectly ordinary. She blends in well, unremarkably pretty in her floral-print dresses and extra efficient at her […]

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Review – A Hundred Thousand Worlds by Bob Proehl

I should have gotten a clue from the constant comparisons of this book to Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, which I have always intended to read but have not actually managed to get around to. I somehow expected A Hundred Thousand Worlds, with its immersion into geek culture, to remind me at […]

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Review — How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky by Lydia Netzer

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press Publish Date: Out Now How I got this book: eARC from the publisher via NetGalley Lydia Netzer, the award-winning author of Shine Shine Shine, weaves a mind-bending, heart-shattering love story that asks, “Can true love exist if it’s been planned from birth?” Like a jewel shimmering in a Midwest skyline, the […]

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Review – The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns by Margaret Dilloway

Publisher: Berkley Books (Penguin) Publish Date: Out Now in Trade paperback How I got this book: Print copy from the publisher Thirty-six-year-old Gal Garner lives a regimented life. Her job teaching biology and her struggle with kidney disease keep her toggling between the high school, the hospital, and her home on a strict schedule. Only […]

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Review with Giveaway – Televenge by Pamela King Cable

Publisher: Satya House Publishing Publish Date: Out Now How I got this book: eBook from TLC Book Tours A gripping tale of a young woman, Andie Oliver, trying to keep faith in her handsome husband, Joe, and their marriage. As Joe spends more time with a local Televangelist, the Godfather in a Mafia of holy […]

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Review & Discussion: Ash-Slave by Joanne Renaud

Publisher: Re-released by author. Previously published by Dark Valentine Magazine. Where did we get the book from: Review copy from author. Release date: Out now Friends, there are some men who are convinced that the King of Kings is the most powerful man under heaven. Truly, those who have such faith in the Great King […]