Southern Arcana Read Along: Deadlock Chat and Giveaway

Welcome to the Deadlock Chat! We are getting ready to dive back into the Southern Arcana world with a look at the third book in the series. Pull up a chair and let’s talk about Alec and Carmen.

*Since this is the third book in the series, there may be spoilers to those of you who have yet to read the first two books.*


Alec Jacobson is the unofficial Alpha of New Orleans. He’s possessive of his town and the people he considers his. He’s known for taking newly made werewolves under his wings and teaching them how to handle their new life. Although Alec tries to avoid any and all wolf politics, he has no qualms about becoming a thorn in the wolf council’s side when it comes to issues he is passionate about. Oh, he’s also sexy and broody.

Carmen Mendoza is new to the New Orleans area and working as a doctor at Franklin’s clinic. She’s a half werwolf that is unable to shift, but her empath skills bring her into contact with the supernatural world. As the only niece of her uncle Cesar – a councilor on the wolf southeast council – she has a very rocky relationship with her family. While her uncle and father want to use Carmen as a bargaining chip, she just wants to live her life in peace.

The Drama:
To date, this has been the most action packed Southern Arcana book. There is kidnapping, intense magical manipulations, a bombing, three challenges to the death and of course some steamy hot romance. The story was divided into two parts. The first being Carmen’s kidnapping and Alec’s investigation into how to resolve the magic churning inside her. The second was the ongoing problems with the wolf council’s inability to change, and Alec’s plan to help move the wolf council forward.

Wow… so much happens in this book. The plot is constantly moving and the action never stops. Plus, we dive even deeper into the political turmoil that follows the wolf council, and just how many injustices there really are. While I can occasionally be bored with too much political BS, I thought Deadlock had a good mix of just enough politics mixed in with sexy time and adventure. Plus, getting to see Alec in action is always a plus!

The romance between Alec and Carmen seemed to move a little slower than the last two books, and they go through some incredible ups and downs in their mating. Like the other Southern Arcana books, there is also a lot of focus on the secondary characters. Andrew and Carmen’s brothers Julio and Miguel play a large part, as do Kat, Jackson and Franklin.

Favorite Quotes:
“The hard part is explaining to the hotel manager why you slammed the lid of a baby grand on his guest’s head.”
“I did the piano thing once Holt, let it go.” -oh Alec. I <3 you

Discussion Questions: These are just some general questions to get the chatter started. Feel free to talk about anything else in the book you liked or didn’t like.

1. The romance between Carmen and Alec was filled with lust while the magic was unsettled in her. Once it was worked out, they had a much stronger emotional connection. Which did you like more?

2. The wolf politics take a leading role in Deadlock. You’re thoughts on the crazy old-school wolf ways?

3. More secondary characters were introduced: Julio, Miguel, Sera, Lily, Franklin, the mysterious Wesley Dade. Who are you most looking forward to learning more about?

4. Did you think it took Alec too long or not long enough to make his decision to challenge for the wolf council seat?

5. We finally get the entire story about Alec’s history and why he is estranged from his family. Did the brutality of it all surprise you? Why or why not?

6. Carmen seemed to take everything in stride. The abduction by her own family, the carelessness on her life by her father, her uncle’s ultimate fate. Do you think she was TOO even keeled for everything she had to go through?

7. Alec loves to talk dirty between the sheets, up against the wall, and while Carmen’s in the cage. Thoughts?

Everyone who participates in the discussion today will be entered to win a refurbished Kindle! The contest is open to everyone and will end on September 7th. Good luck!

53 thoughts on “Southern Arcana Read Along: Deadlock Chat and Giveaway”

  1. We finally get the entire story about Alec’s history and why he is estranged from his family. Did the brutality of it all surprise you? Why or why not?

    No, the brutality did not surprise me. The author does not take the easy way out in this series and pulls no punches.

    Alec loves to talk dirty between the sheets, up against the wall, and while Carmen’s in the cage. Thoughts?

    My thoughts? Ahahahaha. Shame on me for my thoughts about that. *giggles*

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  3. 1. I didn’t really click with their relationship. I enjoyed the read, but Carmen didn’t really do anything for me and Alec felt like a toned down version of himself. I was looking for a bit more punch all around.

    2. I’m really pleased with where the author has taken the politics. I was very unhappy with the council in the last book, and while they showed more of their bad side in this one, change seems to be on the horizon. I can’t wait to see how it all develops.

    3. Sera and Julio seem like they will be very intriguing. 🙂

    4. I didn’t really understand why it took him so long. I didn’t mind how it developed in the story, but when I think about it critically it seems like it should have occurred earlier in his life. Or that he would have at least been plotting for a while.

    5. I wasn’t surprised–after seeing how far the author will go in the last book, I don’t think anything she’d do would surprise me–but I was sad for him. I’m glad he was able to finally find someone to make him happy, but I wasn’t pleased with a few of the comments that hinted that he and his wife might not have lasted. I thought it was a little lame, rather than just letting him be shown as loving her and being completely satisfied. She’s dead. There’s no competition anymore, so it bugs me when authors try to subtly made the prior wife/gf look a little less perfect for him than the new girl.

    6. Yes. She just rolled with everything without a lot of highs and lows to her. I found it frustrating and didn’t really get pulled into her character.

    7. Hot! His dirty talk and their sexy times were right on point. 😉

  4. @Catherine – I am super excited to find out more about Julio and Sera!! 🙂 Besides Michelle and Lucio, they are my *hope for* couple! 🙂

  5. I haven’t read the book yet but have added it to my “to read” list. Do I need to start with book 1 or will I be able to follow everything if I start with Deadlock. One of my complaints about many fantasy books is that not enough happens. I like faced-paced, action-packed books (and a little romance doesn’t hurt). I can tell that Deadlock will be different and I can’t wait to dive in.

  6. Dang it! I just got the chance to start the book today. I have read the questions and I can hardly wait to formulate answers! Yippee! I really love Alec. But I am starting to really think I want Andrew and Kat’s story. What a couple! And they will have Alec’s back. Cool!

    I am so excited that there are more wolf politics in this story. I want to detangle the mess in my head from all of the pieces we have gotten so far. And I am thrilled that Alec challenges for a council seat. Totally makes sense to me.

    Off to read some more. Thanks for the chat and the giveaway!

  7. I have not read this awesome sounding series, but I freaking love this author’s books so I will definitely be picking them up!! Always a smexy hero to be had 8) 😉

  8. I bought Deadlock with every intention of sitting right down to read it and then other things happened. I love this series, was really waiting for Alec’s story and I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t get to to it yet. Must go read now. Thanks.

  9. I think folks will find this entry to the series a little steamier than the earlier titles. Not that they weren’t steamy, but I found myself actually *blushing* at times in this one. Alec and Carmen . . . oh, my!!

  10. Yeah – I had to read this one at home because I didn’t want to explain the blushes to my co-workers!

  11. @Riva – Most of the Moira Rogers stuff is pretty steamy, but yeah… this one did have some smuttier moments than the other SA books. 😉

  12. 1. I loved it the entire time, but it felt more real when there wasn’t magic rumbling between them. You knew then it was more “real” and not something the magic drew them too. Can I just say I loved the entire steamy, lust filled love scenes. The whole Dominant angle was HOT!

    2. I find the entire wolf politics as much irritating as I find our own politics. It was very brutal in this book. Which I didn’t mind, it just was irritating the way politics seems to drive us all. I actually felt sorry for Alec. While you got told he was ok with it, I still felt he was pushed into politics against his best wishes.

    3. I found myself really drawn to Julio’s character. We don’t really meet Sera, but you wonder what happened there. Miguel is interesting, but he is too young for me to find much interest in his story unless he grows up some. Wesley Dade….a real character there with more wisdom than sense. Franklin/Lily…good as secondary characters, but not sure I want more out of them yet.

    4. I think it was just about the right timing. Of course, I would have been happy if he stayed out of it too. He was good at keeping New Orleans together, but I guess that is needed at the Conclave level too. I don’t think earlier in the book would have been a good time. He had to grown into what he wanted and see the reasoning behind it.

    5. We knew already that his family had killed his wife. Not how or who exactly until this book. Overall, killing her was brutal anyway you put it. Just because she was human, there was no other real reason. Alec’s actions on avenging her murder were what I would have expected from him. Especially since he is a dominant, alpha wolf.

    6. There are sometimes people who learn to roll with the punches. Turn tragedy into humor to save the soul. Carmen is one of those people. She never forgave her father or uncle, but showed leniency in their fate. Her abduction was a little where I got upset. After the second attack, Alec sends her home. That seemed a little pre-mature to me thinking the danger was gone, that she was ok. I just think Carmen is the type of person not to go overboard either way with crisis. Somewhat part of her training as a doctor?

    7. Alec lit my fire in every scene! I loved how the authors switched up the love scenes and made them more intense, lustier, dirty talk without too much talk like the first book, and a little D/s thrown in. My favorite part is when he tells Carmen he doesn’t need to dominate her outside of the bed because he is secure in his dominance. He just likes to make sure she knows it in bed. The belt scene was incredibly hot!

    So far this is my favorite book. I thought the first one the hero and heroine rushed things. The second one had some history I felt was left out. This one I loved…except for the politics. *shudders*

  13. @Shari – Yeah, the politics definitely can get old after awhile. I don’t know that I want to get pulled much further into that mess… 🙂

  14. Hi.
    I haven’t read any of the series yet, but I’m hoping to win one of them, which will make me buy the others because I can’t read a series out of order, even if the author says it can be a stand alone. Just. Can’t. Do. It!
    Winning a Kindle wouldn’t be too bad either 🙂
    marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

  15. I won a copy of this wonderful book, but was unable to complete it before this read-along chat. I am very disappointed 🙁 My kindle decided to die and is in the process of being risen from the dead by the kindle necromancer. I am anxious to find out what what happens with the baby. However, from the sharing, it appears this book is more centered around Alec and that is just fine with me. I certainly liked him in Crossroads and am interested to find out more about him. Thank you for sharing the fun with us today.


  16. Was so glad you guys are doing this, as I just read the last 2 books in August!

    1. At first I felt like they were going a little backward in their relationship, but in the end it really worked for their character. Also, I think their path put a new twist on the “fated mates” relationship.

    2. I’m loving all of the wolf political drama!

    3. I’m really intrigued by Wesley Dade. I want to know more about him!

    4. I felt like his reluctance to get involved in that capacity was consistent with his character and family history.

    5. No. He definitely has that tragic past vibe. And, part of that is what he has had to do to survive.

    6. I think things are a little different for Carmen than many heroines, because she comes from the life and understands it in a way that a human/outsider wouldn’t. However, I was surprised that she didn’t feel more anger toward her dad and uncle.

    7. Works for me!

    Can’t wait for Cipher!

  17. I have not read any of the books from the series yet. I seriously must quit work tomorrow. I WISH!! They are on my list.


  18. I just started reading book 1. I like the idea of more secondary characters because it might mean more books.

  19. i haven’t read this series yet either but i would like to if i win ( so many good books to buy), i never have been disapointed by the book you recommended yet.


  20. I haven’t had a chance to read this series yet and I can’t wait to. A kindle would be great to have too 🙂

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  22. I haven’t read this yet. I’ve wanted to since I seen teh cover art, then I read the synopsis and really wanted to. I’ll have to check it out asap!

  23. @MinnChica:

    I too, like Shari J, felt Alex was pushed into the politics. And, they were a bit much for me. However, I am very interested to see what effect Alec has on everyone else and the political arena he now has to deal with. I can see him really shaking up the old system and forcing it to do what he wants, but maybe slowly b/c too much change too quickly and you get too many problems.

  24. For an alpha, Alec’s character was pretty memorable. What I mean is I’m used to alphas who are dark and tormented and because of this turn their backs on their society and race. Sure, they play the moody, reluctant hero when given the chance but they are the silent brooding type. Alec does have some of this traits down pat, but it’s a nice surprise (for me) to see him so protective and loyal to his community. It’s not everyday I come across an alpha like this.

    Although, I like the deeper emotional connection Carmen and Alec do get, I sort of like it when the magic was still unsettled with her. I think it’s because there’s some mystery which is very alluring. It’s sort of like reaching the end of a story. It’s bittersweet, I like the mystery of the story but when it’s resolved or a new direction begins it’s also nice too. That’s the good thing about series, some loose ends like the political issues can still linger while introducing new story lines.

  25. @Cait, Mara, Denise, Pabkins, Mary, Wade, Infinitieh, miki, Christine, & Natasha – Happy Reading to you all! I hope you like the story as much as I did!

    @Renee – I hope we get more info on Wesley Dade too!! He was so mysterious!!

    @Andrea – I can’t wait to see Alec charge into the council room and kick some stuffy asses! 🙂

    @Na – Alec is special with his devotion to New Orleans as a whole. It’ll be sad not to see him around the bar and with Jackson. 🙁

  26. I liked the lust, I liked the uncontrolled need they both felt. I also liked that they didn’t lose the attraction to each other after the magic was removed.

    I would say the wolf old-school is rooted in the past and Alec has the right idea in bringing it into the present. You can’t go around making wolves out of humans and not letting them into the club.

    I am intrigued with Wesley Dade, who is this money man.

    I don’t think it was either. I think at the point were he made his decision he had the back up (Julio, Alexander) to help him win not only the challenge but all three making the majority seats.

    I not really surprised. He had a history we knew and because he was so quiet I figured it wasn’t pretty, but we do what we have to do. I’m glad he avenged his wife.

    I guess it is surprising she wasn’t more upset considering it was her family doing this. Maybe have a history with the council and knowing their politics helped her not be so upset, more like she expected something like that. The fact she had the support of her brothers also helped I believe.

    Enjoyed. I liked that they were so enamored of each other that they were wild anywhere.
    Added some spice, that wasn’t all between the sheets.

    I loved the book. Having read all three so far I noticed that once I start I don’t want to stop reading. Most books don’t hold my attention that long. Looking forward to reading more.

  27. @Debbie – I have the same problem with all Moira Rogers books… I just can’t put them down!! 🙂

  28. Can’t believe I missed the chat! Anyway, I want to blabber on about my thoughts:

    1. The emotional connection felt more real and thus more satisfying. They wouldn’t have lusted with just the lust haze, but with the emotional connection it didn’t feel as forced anymore.

    2. They’re just cruel and powerhungry. Argh, I hate people like that!

    3. Sera sounds really intriguing. I would love to read more about her.

    4. I think it makes sense that it took Alec this long; he has tried to rule his own city for such a long time and to make his city a safe haven, he didn’t really have time or energy to change the entire system. But now that he’s got other people on his side, he has a chance.

    5. It didn’t really surprise me; after what happened in Crux it’s not that surprising that some people would do anything to keep their bloodline pure, even killing someone. Poor, Poor Alec!

    6. I think deep inside Carmen always knew that something like this was going to happen and that that’s why she wasn’t all riled up about it. She has grown up in this world – it’s not like her situation is comparable to Kenzie’s.

    7. As far as I can remember, his dirty talk made thoughts kind of impossible!

  29. I liked the deep emotional connection. With the magic you just didn’t know if it was real or helped along by the magic.

    Archaic that’s the word that comes to mind. It didn’t grow with the times. I think the Challenge is the way with wolves, they do that in nature, he who is strong is the leader. I don’t think that will change, but not including half breeds, and repressing of people they want to control.

    I am interested in Miguel, will he and Kat have a thing or will she go back to Alexander. I vote Alexander, but will Miguel get a girl? Maybe Sera???? And of course we would get to see more about Franklin and his estranged relationship with her.

    I think Alec picked the right time. Sometimes we just have to be pushed and the invasion of his territory and bombing of the clinic was the last straw for him.

    No, the brutality didn’t surprise me. The council is awful and Alec was righteous in the way he resolved it.

    She was secure with Alec, so I think she pulled strength from that.

    Loved the cage scene, there is just something about having to wait after all that, I think it’s called ANTICIPATION!

    Can’t wait for the next book.

  30. @Danielle – Cipher will answer some of those Kat/Andrew or Miguel questions… I think Sera is going to end up with the other brother… 🙂 But I hope we see more Miguel in the future too!!

  31. This was my favorite book of them all! So far! LOL!!!

    While the connection between Alec and Carmen while they were influenced by magic was hot I prefered their connection after the magic was gone. That’s when they were able to build a real relationship.

    Normally I don’t like books that have a lot of politics in it but this was interesting. I loved the way Alec, Julio and Andrew dealt with the old school wolf ways.

    I’m thinking that Julio and Sera are going to be interesting characters. I was impressed with Julio and his standing up for what he thought was right dispite his father and uncle. Watching Miguel grow up over the next couple books could prove interesting.

    Alec had a hard decision to make. After wanting nothing to do with wolf society and just taking care of his people, he did what he needed to do when the time was right.

    I wasn’t surprised by the brutality. They got what they deserved. What kind of alpha would Alec have been if he hadn’t retaliated so harshly?

    I don’t think Carmen was to even keeled. She grew up knowing that because she wasn’t wolf her father didn’t find her important for anything but political gain, if possible. And she knew how her family was and how wolf society was. Her father chose to leave her human mother because society dictated it, she was there when it happened and heard him say he didn’t want all his children, only Julio because he’s a wolf. Besides if she freaked out all the time then she wouldn’t be the woman for Alec. Gotta have a good head on your shoulders when you’re a doctor, too.

    Hum, Alec and a cage….. YES,PLEASE!!!!!

  32. I have not read this series yet. I am reading the Sanctuary series and love them. Please enter me in the contest if it’s not too late. I would love to win a Southern Arcana book.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

  33. I have never read a book by this author yet, however, I could always start with one my winning kindle.
    Thanks for the chance to win a super giveaway.

  34. I haven’t read any of your books. I just accidentally stumble upon them. From some of your summary of the books, I believe they will definitely will be an interesting read for your series.

  35. I have just started this series, reading Crux right now and am really enjoying it. I can’t wait to read my way through to the latest release Cipher!


  36. 1) Emotional connections are sweet, but bring on the hard core sexy steamy lust!
    2) Modern werewolfs like Twilight are wussy. Werewolves are meant to be more manly
    3) Wesley please!!!
    4) too long,
    5) No they are wolves its about dominance
    6) Most def. Was she on drugs?
    7) Can I have his number?

  37. 1) After with the emotional connection. Where can I find a man with both?
    2) It’s too violent
    3) Miguel
    4) should have waited longer
    5)Yes, didn’t occur to me that someone like Alec would have such a violent background
    6) No, I think she might have PTSD
    7) more, more , more. Alec is way hot!!

  38. I have not read this series yet…but Crux is in my wishlist now…can not wait to read have followed and heard alot of good things to this series

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