Halloween Special Review: Brides of the Monsters by Natalie Deschain & Audrey Grace

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Nine brides meet their monsters in this sensual erotica collection from Natalie Deschain, with a guest story by Audrey Grace.

 Past and future, in worlds of fantasy and places closer to home, dark things gather in the shadows and monsters lurk, but demons and aliens and monstrous gods need love, too.

Bride of the Alien Beast

Jessica Barnes has always been a troublemaker. Faced with a dishonorable discharge, she takes an offer to join a secret research program to create superhuman soldiers by combining human genetic material with that of an alien- the old fashioned way.

Bride of the Swamp Beast

At the tail end of her lackluster stint in the Army, Olivia White finds herself signed on to a hidden research facility in the deep swamps, where mad science and human ambition have combined to create something terrible, but the hulking monster lurking in the darkness may be her only hope.

Bride of the Sea Monster

Christie has been waiting for her wedding night as long as she can remember, but her new husband has refused to touch her until they return home. In the coastal hamlet where they take their honeymoon, a terrible secret waits. Can she love a monster?

 Bride of the Storm God

Heather’s village will die unless the drought ends, but the only way to end the drought is to find and placate the Storm God. Only the purest, most beautiful sacrifice will do, and Heather is chosen.

 Bride of the Demon Beast

One night while driving through a lonely stretch of uninhabited back country, Jessica suffers all sorts of troubles. A torrential downpour, a dead cell phone, and a broken down engine. The tiny town where she takes refuges shelters a demonic cult looking for a sacrifice to their strange master, but all is not as it seems.

 Bride of the Werewolf King

 In the depths of the Black Forest, a secret military unit investigates terrible secrets from wars past, and awakens the ancient werewolf king, who desires the last survivor as his queen.

 Bride of the Horned God

 Once in a generation, the Horned God emerges from his lair to choose a new Queen of Spring.

Bride of the Alien Warlord

 When an alien invasion threatens Earth, their warlord demands that our leader surrender… personally.

 Mated to the Sea Tentacle

 On a tropical vacation, Eliza Summers draws the attention of a deep sea creature.


*Blurb taken from Goodreads*


Heller: Has knows my love of weird peen. (Don’t judge people!) She asked if I wanted to review this collection for Halloween. How could I resist?

First of all let me say that I was really impressed by the stories here. I was expecting down and dirty monster erotica but got instead pretty clever and tightly written stories that I actually wouldn’t mind seeing expanded on. The sex was well written but so were the characters and the story lines. I liked this quite a bit.


Has: I was also taken by surprise by how much I liked these stories and I was expecting something really horrific in terms of its themes and from previous experience when Heller has recommended me dickterrifying books which I would then respond back with similar books. But Brides of the Monsters had some pretty good stories even if the bridegrooms were facially or bodily challenged and gigantically endowed.

The first story Bride of the Alien Beast stood out for me and became one of my favourites although a latter story ended up as the best story in the collection. However, I knew I was going to enjoy this collection because it was well written  and I wished that a few stories ended up as a novella or even a full story. The opening story featured a captured alien being who was huge all over and with four arms which becomes very useful during mating! I also liked the heroine who is tricked into mating with him for scientific experiments but ends up turning the tables at the end.


Heller: I definitely agree. The first story here was a standout. I really liked the set up and that the female soldier was a bit badass. She was up for court martial but given the choice to take part in the top secret military project. This one, like all of them, was short but packed full of detail with, I thought, some very natural dialogue and interesting stories. I thought the alien beast, Zeke, was VERY alien but wow, that sex scene was amazingly hot. I could have definitely read a longer story with these characters.


Has: I definitely agree! The Bride of the Swamp Beast also had a similar feel and premise to the first story, again I wished it was longer because the action scenes was well done. I also never thought that a swamp man could actually be sexy or sweet or intense sex.

Nonetheless, I think my favourite story of the entire collection was Bride of the Sea Monster. It is very romantic and sweeter in tone compared to most of the stories in this book, and it also features what every favourite lover of the weird and wonderful world of unusual penises. Tentacles! Which Heller knows is our favourite requirement for erotic stories like these! I thought this story was really sweet although I had an uh oh moment when the bridegroom’s parents were into the fishing industry. And the wedding ceremony at the end of the story was rather interesting although I have to disagree with the title calling him a sea monster when he was anything of the sort.


Heller: The Swamp beast story was sweet! How unexpected was that? I really got a kick out how the author managed to make all the monsters very unique. I liked that they were all different and were more than just interesting peen.

Yes, can I say the tentacles story was quite an eye-opener? I loved the set up but I’m laughing because, like Has, when I saw he was from a family of lobster fisherman I was all…uh oh. This one was oddly sweet as well with some great tentacle sex. Not that I’m an aficionado or anything. 😉


Has: LOL that is what I liked about these stories, the humour was sometimes subtle, or other times tongue in cheek with the in-jokes which cracked me up. It was definitely better than what I expected and I ended up enjoying the stories much more despite the wtfery set up or premises.

I also liked the Bride of the Storm God which has the heroine sacrificed to a god to help produce rain during a drought  and a good theme of this collection if it doesn’t have claws, scales or tentacles then it will have horns. I liked this story compared to one later in this omnibus which didn’t really appeal to me. I found the first half of this collection to be much stronger than the second half which was more sex focused or darker in tone which didn’t really appeal to me. But it was well written even though I wasn’t keen on these second set of stories.


Heller: I think one of the things I really enjoyed out of these stories was that all the monsters got their HEA! It wasn’t just a quick screw but there were interesting transformations that happened that I found gave the collection a fun and dare I say romantic twist to than regular old monster porn.


Has: Yes! And despite the crazy setting and plots it worked. The Bride of the Demon Beast though was not my favourite story. I just couldn’t warm up to the story and it was darker in tone. I was also not keen on The Horned God or the Alien Warlord which became porny and really surreal with a weird semi orgy and worship sex scene with the former and a crazy take on exhibition and dominance with the latter. Also I could not believe or want the image in my head of the president of America would embark on full on monkey sex in front of the cameras after being conquered by her alien warlord. Although the premise cracked me up because it was so all out there and hilarious.


Heller: I didn’t mind the darker stories so the Demon Beast, Horned God and Werewolf King were good reads for me. I actually liked the twist that the Demon Beast had and how the tables were turned on the townspeople. The Alien Warlord was super cheesy and my least favorite of the bunch. My eyes rolled more than a few times at the dialogue and situation with this one. I could have done without it and I’d almost say just skip it because it’s the weakest of the bunch. I also found the last story, which was written by different author, to be more straight up erotica than the others. Not a bad thing, and honestly more like how I was expecting the collection to be initially, but when comparing it to the others I found it a bit lacking in a unique spin on the monster theme. It did have tentacles though so a win there!

All in all this was an unexpectedly fun and sexy read for me. Great Halloween pick, Has!


Has: I also agree about the final few stories especially the last one despite it featuring tentacles, it didn’t gel well with the rest of the stories but I do think this was a fun sexy read for this Halloween. If you fancy something quick, sexy and even funny with a monster mash edge and weird peens then go for this anthology!  I also found this collection as good value for money with the quality and amount of stories, especially when each story as a single cost almost as much, so it was well worth it.  I am glad my book radar pinged on a good choice this time because I was thoroughly entertained with this collection.

I give Brides of the Monsters a B


Heller: Yay for Has’ book radar! This was a complete surprise. What a treat! I’m giving Brides of the Monsters a B+


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