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E’s Best of 2014

I don’t think I have done my “Best of” lists the same way twice. This year in an attempt to be somewhat organized I actually started keeping track from the first of 2014 for reads which were standouts for positive reasons. As the year continued I found outside of review reading, my rereading was much higher than new reads just for me. However since I have already done a “Best of” that focused on re-reading I limited my spreadsheet to new-to-me reads. Those of you who have seen me rave about certain authors in the past will probably see some familiar names but I also have several authors I discovered this year thanks to friends’ recommendations, sheer curiosity, RT/RWA, and twitter-dropping on book conversations. Like always I will provide a link to either reviews on the site or if not reviewed to another location with information on the book.

In alphabetical order by author, here are my much more than 10 Best Reads of 2014. Enjoy!

By E_booklover

E is addicted to books. She discovered at an early age that not only were they her transport to far off worlds, adventures, and exotic cultures, but that she ran into far fewer objects if she walked while reading then if she wasn't reading. She reads across several genres, such as: romance, western,mystery, SF/F and its derivatives. She isn't too picky except for good characterization, settings she can imagine, and a story that flows logically... umm so ok -- she wants a good story. Have any to recommend?

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I liked so many of these! Especially the Andrews, bishop and Edward books (I really am enjoying her arcanea series as well). I liked jeffe’s mark of the tala. I love these lists for new book suggestions!

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