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Amazon is EVIL! Seriously though, what they have done is shit worthy to the extreme. They have decided to censor it’s rankings on the basis of adult content. This means that LGBT books have been de-ranked and taken off the search engine. Amazon, you suck! Amazon Rank More information about Amazons censorship: Dear Author

Coz’ it’s simply the best *cue music* & ebook give away!

Iron Kissed did it. *booty dance* It made it over the finish line. Congratulations to Patty, and congratulations to Joanne Bourne. Both worthy finalists! As we promised and bribed, we have a ‘freaking awesome’ ebook give away for one lucky winner. Up for grabs is: Cry Wolf, Magic Bites and Grimspace. All these books are …

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Save mankind!

The whole existence of life depends on this. You got to vote for Iron Kissed to be crowned champion of DABWAHA. http://dabwaha.com/blog/ When you look deep into your soul, you will see the message swirling there. SAVE THE UNIVERSE – IRON KISSED TO WIN! Edit: And because we are shameless bribers, if Iron Kissed wins …

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Vote for Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs. http://dabwaha.com/blog/ It needs your votes people! Edit: Also, if Briggs gets through we will give away two ebook copies of Iron Kissed from Fictionwise. So vote!!!